wet-area- wellness-santa-hotel

A journey of relaxation, wellness and balance - the Wet Area

The Wet Area of Wellness Santa Hotel is specially designed to enhance the experience of deep relaxation and rejuvenation of your body, spirit, and mind, for every guest of the Spa & Health Club.

In the Wet Area you can enjoy the following

Finnish sauna

The ancient natural method of relaxation with countless benefits, achieved through the warm and dry atmosphere of the sauna, alternating with a warm or cold shower.

Bio Sauna

A sauna with milder heat, for those who can not stand the high temperatures and want to enjoy a longer relaxing experience. The benefits of a bio sauna are similar to those of a Finnish sauna.

Turkish bath (hammam)

Indulge in the beneficial caress of the steam bath, reduce your stress and tension, and help your skin glow. Balance mind and spirit and feel completely refreshed.

Scottish Shower

Alternating hot and cold water has been found to be beneficial for the body. It increases blood circulation and activates both your mind and body. Do dare to try it!

Aromatic Ice

An icy fountain that can be applied after any hot treatment, offering an absolute feeling of coolness.