Conferences & Events

Ensure the success of your corporate events.

Wellness Santa Hotel offers unique features that make it a top conference destination in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.

  • A solid infrastructure with wonderful rooms, designed specifically to host events of all kinds
  • Specialized services and equipment that can support a wide range of events, from simple corporate meetings to the most demanding conferences
  • An experienced and specially trained team of professionals that will undertake the planning and implementation of each event
  • A strategic location close to the city of Thessaloniki and its airport with multiple access options
  • The possibility to plan an event-specific, tailored to the needs of your event

The ultimate conference destination

A successful conference should offer a unique experience to its participants. At Wellness Santa Hotel this experience starts from the location of the hotel, ensuring ease of access, since it is located close to Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki, also a few minutes away from the city center, in an idyllic setting. The experience then continues with the 9 impressive, comfortable, and exclusive venues that host up to 600 delegates and have a common denominator: functionality, elegance, and luxury – a landmark the hospitality one can experience at the Wellness Santa Hotel.

All venues have state-of-the-art technology and advanced equipment, with modern audiovisual media, video systems, audio playback, and e-conference facilities. The hotel staff offers continuous support with technical, secretarial, and interpretation services, and ensures the perfect planning and functioning of your event.

The executive chef of the hotel and his team has created a series of coffee and lunch break menus, to be adapted according to the theme and the occasion of your event. In this way,

the participants can have an enhanced, flavorful experience at your event. Wellness Santa Hotel has everything an ideal even destination needs: the ultimate design, innovation, and 5-star services that will all make your event unforgettable.