Precautionary Measures Covid-19

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Welcome to the Wellness Santa Hotel

We are pleased to inform you that we have taken all the health and safety measures requested by the competent authority in order to guarantee total security to our guests and staff.

We present here our health and safety measures:

  • Upon arrival, staff members will disinfect the luggage wearing hand gloves.
  • All guests / newly arrived guests are requested to measure their body temperature upon entering the hotel at the reception.

  • Hand sanitizers are available at the entrance of our Hotel.

  • For your safety, we have installed Plexiglas shields at the hotel reception area and floor markings to ensure that distances are maintained.

  • Rigorous disinfection of all public areas, surfaces and frequently used items such as front desk counter, credit card terminals, door handles, staircases, elevator buttons, public bathrooms etc.

  • Rooms will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly and will be left empty for 24 hours, until the next arrival.
  • There will be no buffets for breakfast and meals, all food and drinks will be served with ISO & HACCP specifications.

  • The distance of the tables in the restaurants will be at 2 meters and strictly for 6 people.

  • Layout of seats such as sunbeds, chairs, at the beach and at the pool will be at a distance of 2 meters and will be disinfected after each use.

  • Doctor available 24/7 in case of emergency.

  • In the case of COVID-19, we have prepared for treatment, 5 separate rooms, quarantine, in a different flank of the hotel.

  • Our staff is trained for the safety, hygiene, and disinfection protocols (COVID-19).

  • We daily take temperature checks of our employees.

  • Our staff is wearing protective masks and other personal protective equipment in adherence to state regulations and guidance.

  • All chefs and food handlers are required to thoroughly wash their hands frequently and wear surgical masks at all times and gloves when handling food items.

We wish you a good stay with health.

Yours sincerely
Wellness Santa Hotel