Luxurious and imposing, it revives the glamor of the aristocratic tourist resorts of the 60’s; at the same time, it is an oasis of calmness coming with unsurpassed style and exceptional hospitality. The new valuable acquisition of Wellness Santa Hotel, is a special, enchanting destination, decorated in a unique way, with impressive chandeliers in harmony with the space, flooding it with light, baroque references, and touches of Mediterranean architecture.

It is located on the sandy beach of the area, offering high cuisine, high standards “wellness spa” services, and an atmosphere of luxury that will enchant you and give you a sense of uniqueness.

The renovated Wellness Santa Hotel Classic, and the new Wellness Santa Hotel Baroque. The buildings are joined by an imposing, covered, glass bridge which houses Bridge Restaurant – a point of reference in the gastronomic map of the entire area.

Enjoy the harmony and comfort in the luxurious rooms of Wellness Santa Hotel, the impeccable service and the unique facilities that meet the expectations even of the most demanding guests. The Blue Flag sandy beach that stretches in front of the hotel, just a few steps away from your room, will offer you an amazing combination of white sand, serene natural environment, and absolute safety.

The Sea, within walking distance